We are Graduates having Research background in subject of Islamic Studies. We are an organization of Islamic Studies Researchers who are working for advancement of Research in Islamic Studies. We are getting help from Software Engineers, Web-Developers and IT Professionals. We aim to contribute in Islamic Studies Research. We wish to promote the use of advanced technology in Islamic Research. Our ambition is to provide the best platform for Researchers and maximize the influence of Islamic Research into society to get better outcome.

We have Largest Islamic-Books-Bank that contains 30 Million+ books in Islamic Studies category. We have a comprehensive Book-Finder tool that includes a large number of Online Book Selling Companies. We have Journals Researcher that Combines Indexing Website at one place. We have a valuable Collection of Online Searching and Research Tools. We have online Research Directory that contains Forums, Books Data Base, Research Journals, Research Institutes and Manuscript Libraries related to Islamic Studies.

We provide Islamic Studies Updates like Conferences, Seminars, Call for papers and Jobs etc. We are linked to Islamic Studies Researchers Societies, directly. We convey Information, news, updates, to Islamic Studies Research Community. We provide all types of guidance about Research Tools that are used in Islamic Research. We develop Research oriented Tools. We provide Professional Services like Typing, Proof Reading, Thesis Formatting and Templates etc. We provide Web-Development Services like Websites Development, Creating Personal Blogs etc.